Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Of Skysales

Skysales is one service extra we offer passengers on board. Most of the crew dread the idea of doing inventory in the beginning of the flights. At the same time,crew who is in charge of the skysales must perform thorough check before the skysales person leaves the aircraft.That in a short time too. Where crew member have other checks and duties to do on board.

Nevertheless, everyone wants to do the skysales as it means extra income. Purser will normally give the skysales to crew he/she trust to handles the items and money. Of course, it's human nature to do such. Delegate to whom we know are trustworthy.
I lucky enough to be asked to do the skysales with the purser. Meaning I will get some of the skysales of the flight. Yay!!!

I was doing skysales round when a fellow crew member said casually that it's not fair that I was doing skysales on both legs.I laugh it off and say I was a lucky.

Little that I know, it was mentioned to another fellow crew member who came back and tell me. All I can say is this...why would you be thinking it's not fair that I get to the skysales twice? Why mention only about the skysales? Why NOT about me working in business class?? And why not mention about you being MIA from your workstation right after service?? And that is on both sector as well...And now instead of saying I am not being fair, you put the blame on the purser for not being fair???

That is not right.