Thursday, June 16, 2011

Something About MP

I AM ... thankful.

I WANT ... a world traveler charger adapter.

I HAVE ... a D90 and a first aid kit from him.

I KEEP ... secrets, stickers and Starbuck tumblers.

I WISH ... I could change some of the bad decisions I made in the past.

I HATE ... arrogance.

I ONCE ... had a boyfriend who was 12 years my junior.

I FEAR ... that my sins would return to visit me and the cost is more than I can bear.

I HEAR ... sighs when I don’t get off the computer.

I DON’T THINK ... I’ll be saying no to Seth Tan.

I REGRET ... I didnt care enough.

I LOVE ... itik panggang, sunrise and korek telinga after shower.

I AM NOT ... afraid of aging or acting silly sometimes.

I AM AFRAID ... that I didnt say I love you enough.

I DANCE ... like no one’s watching. Except they are. And it is NOT GOOD.

I SING ... in the bathroom that leads to dancing and then slipping!

I NEVER ... keep my eyes open when I sneeze.

I RARELY ... lose an argument.

I CRY WHEN ... I watch sad commercials/movies and when I miss Dad.

I AM NOT ALWAYS ... tactful.

I HATE THAT ... kuih bakor paso malam are so deliciously horrific for my thighs.

I’M CONFUSED ABOUT ... faith and comprehensions.

I NEED ... to always floss my teeth.

I SHOULD ... go to bed now and dream of you know who!


  1. thanks for sharing your 'openself'

  2. Bestttt... I like!!!! :d sila letak like button so i can FB like this entry ;p he he

    seme org duk cerita pasal seth tan..i sorang tak tgk2 lagik citer ni.. huk huk..

  3. * kembang idung brocolli Mak Piah Ribbon kata best*
    ni Mak Piah bagik link kalau nak nengok Seth.
    Semua episod ada.

    Mak Piah mengesyaki yang Ribbon pun akan menaruh hati sedikit kat Seth muaahahhahahahah...

  4. cik nana-- ini untuk mengelakkan cik Nana berspeku, yang Mak Piah ni seorang penyumbahleweng, tidak ada peristiwa hitam antara Mak Piah dan budak muda 12 tahun itu. Peristiwa paling itam ialah kami kene cuci jaring jaring yang buat bbq itu sajork!.


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