Thursday, October 17, 2013


I dont really like birthdays. 
Mine, I mean.
I just dont find it is something to celebrate when all I did in life is breathing?

Thankful, yes.
A few I know didnt reach this age of mine.
I nih..apalah yang nak dicelebrate?
I am a bloody loser lah.
No..I am not fishing for compliment.
Just stating the obvious.

Wishes jek cukup lah.

Truth is I forgot it's my birthday.
I tau lah dekat dekat but I forgot it is today.

Tiap tahun, birthday menjelang selalu FB semua saya deactivate.
I dont like the idea of FB bagi reminder pasal orang nyer bersday.
Hati panas lak kat Mark Zukerberg, bleh?
Ok...I am furious that I was thrown into the pool by friends.
Know that all this while I tak pernah join menaya orang birthday nih, yang  baling telur ke, gi main perang kek ke, ikat orang kat pokok ke..sebab itu bangganggggg.
I dont see the point of raging orang to celebrate.
I refuse to menaya orang like that.

I made it clear when I said..."gue musuhiin ya kalau gue dicemplung ke kolam renang."
I had asthma attack during the day.
So I slept lepas makan ubat.
Kene campak dalam kolam renang di tengah malam is really not helping  lah.
Like I said, I forgot pasal nih bersday banggang ni semua.
Kenapa I leh g kolam renang tetengah malam?
Sebab that's where I selalu feeling feeling Cik Sri Siantan.
I went sebab nak my friend kunun need me.
And seryes, I lupa like, sangat lupa it's my bersday. 

I throw a fit lepas balik rumah.
And I just shouted at my friends.

See...dah lah loser, panas baran pulak.

I  just want  to run and hide.


  1. i think that was a terrible thing to do ... sorry i don't have a big sense of humour either ...

    Happy Birthday MP ... May Allah The Most High keep you in good health and guide your every step ... ameen.

    1. Real
      Doa yang sama juga saya titipkan untuk Real.

      Tah aa.. I tak tau kenapa, what upset me bukan kene campak, but the idea of menaya tu..that does it for me la.


  2. MP dear,
    Happy Birthday.. a year younger..a year wiser..a year sexier :)
    May Allah bless you with good health, wealth and happiness..

  3. Happy Birthday...anyway…saya blogwalking kat sini. Jemput datang ke blog saya yer . Saya follow sis n kalau sudi follow la saya balik yer…

  4. Happy bestday MP. Well, age is just a number kannn..? Stay well n funny in ur own way. God bless...

    1. Eliza

      TQ. Liek many women my age, I am 25..( yeahhh rite! )


  5. Happy birthday...may Allah bless bln la kita..hahaha...

    1. Jolie

      TQ doa yang sama untuk Jolie jugak.

      x MP

  6. Belated happy birthday MP! Berapa bakinya adalah misteri


  7. I've turned it off too, and only reactivated it after one month. Received some wishes from my uncle, auntie, and cousin. Ironically none of my family members remember mine. Not a biggie. Doesn't mean they love me less, no?

    1. Anak Bujang MP,

      How can one not love you?

      x MP

  8. Kalu I come out following this entry aci dok? Ke aku go kena complung jap lagi....



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