Thursday, October 9, 2014

Main api lagi

 Let me tell tell u a story.

He had always dreamed of the day when he would introduce the girl to his family and thought it would bring happiness and joy to everyone,especially his mother.
He was left in great shock when his mother refused to let him marry the girl of his choice.

However, his mother disapproved without even getting to know her girl.
The moment she felt her son was getting emotionally involved with the girl, she demanded he end the relationship and refused to discuss the topic any further.

She gave him an ultimatum : choose me or the girl.
Stuck between a rock and a hard place, he was torn over picking his mother,who he loved dearly and the girl of his dream, who he cant imagine marrying someone else.
It is very hard for the son to blatantly ignore his mother's wishes and marry someone she disapproves.
Disobeying ones mother will cause great friction between mother and son in future. Worst for the daughter in law who is from different culture, ways and a foreign land.

The only choice is to confront a disapproving mother and maybe, just maybe, the son will get the upper hand.
In this case, the mother is the one who got it.

Sometimes it lasts.
Sometimes it hurt.

The girl : Lepaskanlah tangan ya azizi. Jangan lupa bagi balik hello kitty hadiah di hari jadi.

The end.


  1. ni citer mak piah ke?
    i hope azizi n u wll come out of this test triumphantly..

  2. Replies
    1. Tak tgk lagi citer tu. Kang ada masa mp tgk ye.

  3. sedihnyaaaaa bila ianya terjadi ...

  4. Foo**! Asik hilang je komen kat pahe mu. Sudah terbakar ka tangan adik manis?? Aiyooo...roymarten depan rumah masih menanti lenny marlinanya..meh laa

    1. Roymarten bkn dh kepakkepakkepooomm ke...sampai lenny marlina majuk tu

  5. Fail betul la kalau bab drama Melayu ni..

    1. Hehehe Sham. Tragedi oktober nama eh... hiks

  6. Wow....kau mainlkan lagu korban cinta nyanyian remi??

  7. Replies
    1. Jodoh itu rahsia yang di atas.

      Thank u MM

      X mp

  8. i was rejected just because i'm a sabahan..ngek.. his mother doesn't even know me.. and me tak nak ler bf jadi anak derhaka to choose between gf and hasta la vista beibeh... wa angkat kaki dulu :p

  9. Miss ur story mory mak piah but this story is really kata klu kita tak dpt apa yg kita nak skrg, mgkn sbb tuhan nak bg kita yg lebih baik..:)


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