Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Just one of those days

Once in a while you will find people who think other's life is better than theirs.
That other's life is sooooo much fun, so what we wish we are as successful, as brilliant or glamorous to say the least.
No, I am not talking about the life people portrayed in social media.
In real life kinda thing.

In social media, its a different thing.
We admire people who takes amazing pictures.
I think that fella who followed his girlfriend, now wife, shots are super cool.
Or that chic who made the street beggars look good in every shots.
Or that roti canai and the kuah that me sometimes want to lick my phone screen and secretly hate the person who uploaded it.

I bumped into an old colleague in the streets of Paris.
Havent seen or heard of her since I took off the kebaya ijau.
So we decided we could do lunch in Champs Elysees.
My favourite restaurant, gituuuuu.
The sun was burning, but hey it's Paris.
Why not?

We talked of everything.
Past boyfriends, off course.
Passings of mutual friends.
Then, come to what we are up to nowadays.

I am happy for her that now she settled down after the jilake of boyfriend she had back then.
He is so ...errrr..jilake,still.
Good riddance!

I smiled when she said she envied me.
In the good way, off course.
I am this and that, according to her.
I thanked her.

Tonight, I thought of that lunch.
And, I realized I am a loser.
A big one.
No, I dont want a you-are-doing-fine kinda word or is it words?
See..I dont even know that.

At times, I wantttttt to swinggggggggg fromm the chandelierrrrrr.....!
Frooommmm the chandelierrrrrr.


  1. have you swing from the chandelier?

  2. You are where/what you are bec you can take it. Kind of 'bring it on!'...hence the tak dapat masuk uni, ex-kebata hijau, dok've done it all. I envy you for the kind of life experience you've had. Me? I couldn't have survived...i had my life mapped out (by myself) since i was 8. Boring ke tak?

  3. Ada butang SUKA tak saya nak tekan utk blog?


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