Sunday, May 16, 2010


I will not buy anymore undies for the next 5 years, as I have 1000 pcs of them. Errrr... I kinda think..that's why they stop us from flying to the countries that makes undies.

I will not buy anymore t-shirt,no matter how nice it fit me and makes me look slim. The object is a lot LARGER than the shirt

I will not buy anymore jeans even it makes me feel good that I can actually fit in one. My nephew used to say FIT BOTTOM, ay

I will not buy anymore dresses that I will not have to guts to wear. Makes me look like a drunk drag queen in mardi gras in Sidney or Spain.

I will not buy anymore mini skirts that I planned to wear them doing my cooking.

I will not buy anymore hot pants and will not think that one of this days I will do the Wild Thing movie thingy.( I am talking about the car-washings-scenes )

I will come back with more....:D

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