Saturday, May 22, 2010

Me no Friend You

Once,I read somewhere your best friend will be your worst enemy. That is because he or she knows a lot about you. Things that you dare not discuss with your sisters, brothers, parent and spouses you discuss with your best friends. People that think will be there for all time.Even before your family and your spouse does.

Person whom you consult of your fear, your excitements, your secret crush, your stupidities. They seem to understand you and makes you feel that you are normal. They are the first you call when anything happen. Be it good or be it bad. For those who are like me, where relationship with family is close but not that close, I turn to these friends of mine.

I have had days where I actually think I survived now because of these friends. Through my years, I have known a few that I hold dear to my heart. Those who have been there for me through my joy, my not so-joy days, my pain, heartache and depression.

I still have some of them walking by my side till this very moment. Though we are far apart as I now live in the middle east, that has not change any of our feelings towards each other. Yes, once in a while we hurt each other, but then again, even our own thigh get rashes if it rubs each other too often. But never, had I or any of my close friend have any malice in mind when this frictions happened in the past. It has always been ok..we disagree, what do we do now? Or we don't look at each other for few days and refuse to speak. Then we laugh at our childish behaviour and all are good again.

Little that I know, I was about to find out.

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