Friday, January 7, 2011

pakai otak boleh ke???

Kuching: Police who were investigating a rape case yesterday on a 16-year-old girl was shocked to find out that two of her younger sisters were also raped.

This evening at about 6 pm, a grandfather and an uncle were arrested for questioning. It was alleged that the two father and son from Kampung Bedil were taking turn raping the three sisters left in their care.

The victim’s parents were divorce and the mother who had custody could not care for them so she left them in the care of her father and brother.

When her daughter aged 16 was confirmed to be pregnant, the shocked mother send her to the Sarawak General hospital and a police report was reported.

Police were investigating and found that two other younger sisters were also raped. All three sisters were brought to the hospital and the Welfare department had been contacted to bring them to a safe house after they were discharged.

Kalau betul dorang ni buat.
Sial ok???
Apa kesial sangat dorang ni?
Tu darah daging kau laaaa bodoh!!!!
Bogelkan dua orang ni.
Pastu tonggeng terbalik kan.
Rejam sampai mati.
Ok this time I am going to use the word.
B A S T A R D S!

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