Monday, February 14, 2011

He aint heavy he is my friend.

In response to my previous post, my friend has commented.

Since both of us are illiterate, I copy paste the response here.

Faith Is A Gift….I like that very much.

It is true that as a born muslim, we’re taught from the very young that being born as a muslim is a gift. A gift that is something we should treasure and protect.

They are many Islamic historical stories that being told about the past leaders and believers who were offered material wealth and threatened with tortures, even death to leave their faith. But they stayed devout despite these offerings and many have died martyred.

The same goes to Christianity which never short of such stories either. The legend of Saint Joan of Arc or even the story of Emily Rose could also be used as testaments how faith was being held up within them to the last breath. Yes…faith is a gift but protect it we must.

Of course as you were saying that if your faith is strong, nothing ever that can be offered to move our mountain of belief. However, there are some people who are faith are strong and yet easily fall for kindness of words and especially so when they are vulnerable due to catastrophe of grave magnitude such as the tsunami. Some needed gentle reminder from their fellow muslims that most misfortunes that befallen onto us are in fact the test of faith.

The sad thing is, when certain quarters are using these dire situations to impact and sway the faith of local people by mean of material offerings and clever maneuvering of human’s emotions. That to me is wrong. You came, wanna help..yes please but do not take the advantage of the situation to inject the spreading of your faith.

It is a duty of muslim brotherhood to ensure that their fellow muslims stay with their faith as long they could but of course in this modern world…we are presented upon with all things that could sway one’s faith rather easily.


One must know history to know what lesson can be taken to avoid committing the same mistake.

China fell to British India aka British Empire was not because of the mighty swords of the Brits but because they were offered ‘fun’ through opium of which devastated the entire Chinese’s defend system. The offering of flash cards etc are somehow works the same as the above mentioned opium…it can sway the unwary.

Furthermore, it is our law preventing the open spreading or preaching other faiths in such manner.

Religion had been used by the Europeans to conquer many great civilizations. They have succeeded many times and they will not stop doing it again and again because it is the most effective weapon of choice to gain entry into any society and ultimately the entire country. Laymen like us may think that this is so ANCIENT. It seemed never ending conquest to ‘convert’ muslims to Christianity and vice versa is a story akin to clash of Devine of which the GODs are fighting over humans to be on their sides.

Besides, whatever…and whoever God that we believe in…they are major issues at play in this kind of situation, largely political in nature.

History Has Repeated Itself Before

Hitler maybe crazy, lunatic and insanely satanic…the same accusations can be thrown to his hundreds of generals and thousands of his army but surely they have found something nasty about jews in order to campaign for the massacre. I do not condone of such inhumane act by the Nazis but what should we learn from it or what have we learned so far?

If the mighty Hitler had used his Aryan’s greatness as a proxy to kill millions of impure race (Hitler’s definition) such as the jews but doesn’t it make us think the possibility of another devout personality would do the same to Muslims, Christian,Hindu or even to jews?

Absurd isn’t it however very possible.

If Mr. Mubarak is being labelled as a modern “Pharaoh” by the Eqytians, it is possible that another Hitler would rise again as what has happened in Egypt who have seen the “incarnation” of pharaoh. Saddam Hussein is another historical figure being recorded as a Muslim who oppressed his own people. No religion is immune.

Hitler was a devout Christian though this had been disputed by many scholars and historical experts in order to remove Hitler’s connection to the Christianity. Don’t take me wrong, I am part of the people of the books and love Christian’s history. I am not against any religion just trying to connect the dots with my previous posting. The truth should remain as it was.

“Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord.” This is one of Hitler’s speeches that he had delivered. Source: (Selected quotes from Mein Kampf) compiled by Jim Walker.

The point here is…if the God’s loving man like him could have done something like that, it wont be impossible for another monster that is capable of committing the same in future right?. And why we muslims should be off guard in protecting our faith and people?

Protecting what is rightly ours.

That is something not so rosy going on with this one special race…the jews. The international conflicts and terrorism activities are all germinated from this small strip that is Gaza and Israel. A tiny country that dragging dozens of other countries into this bloody mess. Should we allow these kinda people penetrating into our masses? Oh No. Faith alone is not good enough to protect our sovereign but we need to use some restrains to catapult them back.

Yes…it is true no religion promotes hates and encourages its followers to commit bad thing but we muslims are bombarded with all sort of accusations just because we need to defend our faith and our community.

Put aside Arabs’ negative behavior but surely Allah has a reason why the cradle of Islam is being held by these seemingly arrogant, snob and ungrateful lots.

Surely Allah has His own reason too why did He create the people of Torah. Only for us to learn to know the secret in our own ways.

I am not against Christianity or Judaism. Trying to figure out why …when you are closely interwoven…there is always a clash.


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