Friday, February 4, 2011

Retak menanti belah

Things has not gone well between me and PJ since xmas eve.
PJ pilih nak berxmas dgn mak dia instead of follow the original plan which was balik kampung with me then cuti ke negara Gajah Putih.
And seperti biasa, I akan diam tak cakap apa.

I am tired of this relationship la.
I think masa I sold his promise ring tu, I dah decide not go on with the relationship.
Tapi PJ selalu bagi mende yang I nak.
And it turned out I wanted the all the wrong things.

Like PGMJ dan semua orang yang bijak cakap, we cant always have what we want.
I am tired and so is he.
He is tired of trying to be what I want him to be.

And now he is back in base.
Let;s see what he brings this time.
Green Prada macam DLL?


  1. Kalau green prada, tak payah fikir la sgt the direction of the relationship let say for a month, then baru pikir... hahahaha..

    jgn la bad mood Mak Piahh.. relax Pok, relax relax isap gam.. hehehe

  2. hhahahha tu sebab still on off DLL oiiii...matawang sungguh, kan?


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